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Scottsdale’s Premier Dog Groomers

Give your pets the pampering they deserve!

From bathing to trimming, your pet deserves the best. Provide it today.

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Grooming from the best

Some dog groomers are better than others. At Clip-N-Clean, we’re here to prove that we’re the best. Get every level of quality care you want, all at affordable prices.

The quality care your pet should get

You wouldn’t trust your child with just anybody so why should your pet be different? Come to the company known for the best services, no matter what.

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I am so thankful for Hugo and his team. They fit my 2 dogs in the day I called, communicated the treatment they would get and turned out better than I expected. No detail left out. I will be back!Christina B. (Yelp)
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Let your pet relax

Just like you enjoy a day at the spa, your pet enjoys a day of pampering and grooming. From haircuts to nail trims, ensure that your pet gets the very best.

Flea & Tick Baths

Keep your pet flea-free

Say goodbye to fleas and ticks today for the comfort your pet deserves.

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Safely treat infestations

In many parts of the country, fleas and ticks are inevitable no matter how well you try to protect your pup.
When the pests come biting, it’s time for the soothing power of a flea or tick bath. With the chemicals to soothe your pet’s itchy skin and properly eliminate the source of irritation, there’s no better way to help your pet get back to a healthy life. Don’t let ticks or fleas stand in the way of your pet’s well-being. Get the help you need today!

Get the treatments your pet needs

It’s always good to check with your vet before scheduling a flea or tick bath, especially if you can’t see any physical evidence of pesky pests. If your vet gives you the all clear, make an appointment today and say goodbye to fleas and ticks. Let our qualified and compassionate groomers guide your pet through the process, keeping your animal calm and centered. With a refreshing bath, your pet will be as good as new in no time.

Pet Skin Care

Pamper your pet’s skin

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Give Fido the quality skin care he deserves to stay healthy today!

Take a relaxing bath

When the seasons change, pets can be subject to dry, itchy skin just like humans can. Instead of slathering the lotion on Fido, stop by Clip-N-Clean for an invigorating skin treatment!
Let us pamper your pet with a relaxing bath, skin scrub, and coat trimming to keep dry skin under control. With a soothing formula you and your pet are sure to love, you can count on quality care time and time again.
Don’t let itching and scratching get the best of your pet! Instead, call now for an appointment.

Soothing relief from irritation

Make sure your pet stays healthy and happy, no matter the situation.
Keeping a pet’s skin healthy can be a large ordeal, which is why you should leave the task to the experts. With multiple solutions to tackle any troubles, you can count on care from oatmeal baths to skunk spray treatments.
Your pet deserves the very best. Make top-notch care a reality today!

Nail Trimming

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Give your pup a pedicure

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With a pain-free trim, your pet can experience a whole new level of pampering.

From filing to clipping

Many pets dislike getting their nails trimmed. We get it – it’s a little frightening and can be uncomfortable.
When you trust the team at Clip-n-Clean, you can rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands. Our team of animal lovers will help your pet to relax and stay calm through the trimming process, making the experience as easy as possible.
No one does trimming and nail care like the dedicated team you know and trust. Call today!

The nail treatments your pet needs

No matter what your pet needs or prefers, you can always rely on Clip-N-Clean.
All pets deserve high quality care, no matter the size, breed, age, or species. When you trust Clip-N-Clean, you know you’re getting the best.

Services include:

  • Nail trimming
  • Nail clipping
  • Nail grinding
  • Options for cats and dogs

Expert Scissoring

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Give your pet the stylish ‘do you’ve always wanted

From little trims to major haircuts, we can do it all for your pet.

Caring groomers for beautiful fur

Whether you like to give your pet a quick trim or a particular ‘do, there’s no one better to meet your needs. When you bring your pet to Clip-N-Clean for a new stylish look, you can count on services like:

  • Trims
  • Full haircuts – clippers and scissors
  • Unique styles
  • Style touch-ups

If you have a specific cut in mind, feel free to bring a picture – we’re always happy to help! Make an appointment today for the salon experience your pet deserves.

Control your pet’s shedding

No two breeds are the same. With diverse complications related to shedding, hair care and maintenance, every pet needs something a little different. If you have specific needs for your pet, you can count on services like:

  • Breed-specific cuts
  • Thinning and trimming
  • Sanitary cuts
  • Short cuts to prevent excess shedding

Keep your pets looking their best today! Call now for the help you need.

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